Homeless Awareness Week

15 11 2006

Special thank you to Margot of IHS who came by the show to talk about homelessness and ways to get involved and help spread awareness. She also brought some interesting, very danceable South African Hip Hop which we played on the show. This Friday, 11/17, is the Candlelight Vigil @ the Hawaii State Capitol by the Father Damien statue from 4:30pm to 7pm. There will be music, poetry readings, testimonials from the homeless and Hale Aloha Awards will be given to honor those special individuals who give their time and hearts to help solve this issue affecting our state. If you would like to volunteer or would like to finds ways to get involved with a busy schedule, you can contact Margot at 447-2811 or email her at MargotS@ihs-hawaii.org.

Also this Thursday there will be a free showing of An Inconvenient Truth at Hemenway Hall on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus with free food, games, and more. Unfortunately I don’t know what time it’s at…

Special thanks to Makadangdang, Alex, EZ AL, dj bbq, DJ Halbert (aka DJ Ill-A-Fitth-Dynamite), Bizzy B, Charlie Applegate, Jizzake The Snizzake, Loriel, Monster, Jesse, and everyone else who listened and gave positive vibes to keep me going for 6 hours. I don’t think I could have done it quite the way I did without you guys and your support, plus it was cool to get a little dance party going in the airroom. Boom selektah!




One response

17 11 2006
Al Shaver

Let’s stay aware of this tragedy. Now Del Monte is closing its Kunia operations and is making hundreds of more families homeless! We are in a downward spiral, I fear.

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