Last week of November

28 11 2006

Remember Highlights magazine at the doctor’s or dentist’s office? I used to love doing the hidden images thing. Travel back in time here and play some Frog Football. On a related note, Go Bows! Great victory this past weekend, 11/25/06, over Purdue. Big up ColtilingusBrennanCock for bringing us back and securing the win. What a great fucking game that was! I hope you enjoyed your four-day weekend too.

On tonight’s show I’m gonna have Rhombus do some guest selecting. I might be too lazy to do my own show so he will be my savior, like Selassie I. In the future I hope to have Meta[LX] and DJ Packo spin some records on my show. If you’re looking for a good morning show, tune in on Thursdays 6-9am for the QLP w/dj bbq. It’s always nice to lie in bed and listen to some interesting selections. She just made a wordpress blog for her show at so I wanted to big up a wordpress brethren (or sistren)


Also don’t miss Groundation this Thursday 11/30 at Pipeline. That’s a pic of Harrison, the frontman of the band. I always enjoy watching him perform:) Marcus on the keys is also great. The whole band is great. On another great note, me and some friends saw Mike Love (from DubConscious, and formerly of Melodious Solutions) perform a solo acoustic guitar set at O’Toole’s pub in downtown. Very nice, I like. I think he’ll be there next Monday night if you’re interested, but I’m not sure. DubConscious and Ooklah will be opening up for Groundation so it’s not a show to sleep on.  It’ll be a nice end to November. Only one or two weeks of school left…fuck.

Photo by Jess-I Shain. Big up!




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