Hello Amen

6 12 2006

On this week’s show I played The Winston’s “Amen, Brother” where the Amen break comes from. It’s been in about a million songs…I played a bit of this installation that talked about the history of the Amen break and some copyright issues and even touches on the future? You can check out the whole thing here: http://nkhstudio.com/pages/popup_amen.html
I then went on to read an excerpt from a Squarepusher interview from XLR8R’s November 2006 issue. Then I played this next song, “Hello Meow” from his new album, Hello Everything But yeah, roots, breaks, hip-hop, production, idm. And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Thomas Jenkinson:

Go Jenky, GO!




2 responses

11 12 2006

Nice Trav… Amen is the one that haunts us all… leave it to you to find some crazy doc about it!!! Love!

14 12 2006

yeah leave it to “ttboy” to find things… this whole site is ripped off but thats why i like it

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