I Keep My Knife Sharp

23 01 2007

Man, I’ve been feeling the music of The Knife. Good stuff. Thank you to Amy & R.U.S., for without them I would’ve have probably slept on this great music. I’ve been playing them on my show for the past five+ weeks. You can hear them on bbq’s show too and maybe even The Monster Show.Their most recent release, Silent Shout, made it to #1 this week on the KTUH Top 30 chart even though it’s several months old. I wonder why…

 [On a side note THE QUEST FOR LOVE & PEACE w/dj bbq has moved from Thursday mornings to Monday evenings 6-9pm. She does a great show and will be playing more robo-jazz and Year 9000 jazz, so all you robots, tune in, turn on, explode]

Yesterday was the release of the Bloodstone single from the Braziliannaire, Amon Tobin. You can download it from bleep.com (my preference) or iTunes Music Store. Features “Bloodstone” and “Esther’s” from the Foley Room and the non-album track “Here Comes The Moon Man” adapted from his music from the film Taxdermia. I’ll play all three tracks and maybe some others on the show tonight.




One response

23 01 2007
dj bbq

aahhh! i love you! can you hear my heart beat? 😉

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