Mixes I Dig

25 09 2007

Recently I’ve been looking for interesting mixtapes. A long time ago I was deep into Mr. Dibbs’s Turntable Scientifics, Live from Memphis, Randoms, and Turntable Hardcore 1 & 2. Last year I was diggin all the DJ Neil Armstrong and 5th Platoon mixtapes (thanks to ez al for starting me at warmfuzzy). Here are some of the current tapes that I’ve been listening to:

Diplo & Tripledouble – AEIOU 2 – Make Music Your Own
Recently reissued by Money Studies for their “Lost Masters” series, this tape has a lot of deep, dark breaks, full of psych rock, funk, and other obscure old shit. Lots of great scratching and cuts. Plus a nice, hard break over Odetta’s “Sakura” (used for East Flatbush Project’s “Tried By 12”) on track 1. Lovely. You can get it at TurntableLab.com

Odd Nosdam – Le Mixtape Delux
Hard to find tape from Nosdam. In prep for my interview with him, I oinked this and really dug how he put together all those bits from old records and still kept true to his style and sound. From discogs.com: Le Mix Tape Delux was constructed entirely out of records and one video tape with The Bomarr Monk’s turntables and Dose’s VS-880. Some really great moments in this one. He mentioned that he is working on a follow-up so be on the look out for that.


Gaslamp Killer – Gas Lamp Killers
Holy shitballs! This is the mad notes! Crazy ass shit here! Dark ass beats that conjure up memories of the mid to late 90’s, listening to early DJ Shadow, D-Styles, Gravediggaz and the Octagonacologyst. This tape is full of evil beats upon beats in a non-stop soul sonic beatdown in Hell. It has all kinds of shit from Radiohead to Dr. Octagon and all the sinister goodness in between. From SolidSteel: “The intel might surprise a few, this mix is made by Adam Douglas Manella which is half of MHE. It was done mostly of Willow’s [DJ Willow aka Gaslamp Killer] record collection. In return, Dj Willow let MHE sample some of his records a few years back. ” So I guess this tape is not made by the Gaslamp Killer, but by half of MHE. It still is kickin’ and definitely worth checking out. Turntable Lab has the reissue, but the other Sound In Color version has a few extra tracks. Gaslamp Killer is a fucking nutcase. He’s got some original stuff off the Money Studies’s Secret Hangout and From LA With Love comps. There are also two unmixed tapes of unlabelled psych rock and whatever else he puts in that shit. I think the only songs I recognized was the Velvet Underground’s Venus In Furs and the track sampled for Lord Quas’s “Closer”, the rest is obscure to my dumb ass. The unmixed tapes are called It’s A Rocky Road Vol. 1 & 2




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