8 11 2007

Now we’re in the 11th month. A little over a month of school to go. It was rainy the other week, now it’s all humid, but not as humid as Japan’s summer was. I hope that it cools down a bit. I always like the weather around this time of year, that is if i don’t get caught in the rain. 

At the beginning of the month I saw the new Wes Anderson film with some friends. I really liked it and I think we all want to go to India and ride trains and stuff. Great soundtrack as usual.

I played some tunes at Arts @ Marks Garage this past Friday for the First Friday Art Walk. Thanks to Mr. Nick (as always) and Rich for having me play some weird music for everbody.

bbq gave me some music the other night and among some of the jams was an album by Airnino. When I first heard it I immediately caught by ablist cuts. The shit is chill and mellow and gets inspiration from the “turntable music” styles (scratch drums, scratch bass, scratch synthy shit, etc.) pioneered by D-Styles, Ricci Rucker, Mike Boo and the like. It’s good to hear that other people are making music out of that movement. You’ll definitely be hearing more of that on the show.

For the 11/6/2007 edition of Re-Percussions, no playlist. I kinda lost track of what I was playing. Thanks to Marcus13 for having the balls to spit poetry and shit on the show.

I ordered some DVDs from Amazon and picked up this one. It’s got the classic audio from Liquid Swords. It’s edited from the first two Lone Wolf & Cub movies and at first I thought some of the voice-over work was cheezy but then i saw the action scenes and went bananas.

I also picked up DJ Krush’s new 3disc DVD, A History of DJ Krush. It’s got documentaries, interviews, videos, and other goodies, plus a booklet with pictures, info, discography, and gig-ography. Here’s the man when he came to Hawaii a year ago:

Coming after Thanksgiving, Christmas shit!!!!!! and a KTUH event at Indigo 11-30-2007! More info to come.




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