13 11 2007


Wow, some ill-advanced turntablist shit right here. Look out fo mo scratch music and compositions. Vestax has gone crazy with this Controller 1 “musical turntable”. This is what Ricci Rucker and D-Steezo’s been scheming on. I’m curious to hear what people do with it since it costs a whopping $2000 and therefore I won’t be getting it any time soon. Did I mention it was made out of wood? I wonder if Easy Music will have it on demo. Probably not, I don’t think they even carry Vestax. No Guitar Center in Hawaii 😦 

Check it at TTL or at the Vestax site for clearer pics and descriptions. I found this little diddy on YouTube. Some of the sustains remind me of David Gilmour. I think I’ll do some Controller 1 covers of Pink Floyd songs.




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