Tempo Valley CD Release Party

18 12 2007

Thanks to Slo and DJ Asia for stopping by the show. The new CD, Memoirs Of The Tempo, comes out Thursday December 20, 2007. They’re having a party and playing live at NextDoor that night. You can check out myspace.com/tempovalley. Pick up the CD at the show or at stores around town like Jelly’s, TooGruvs, and a bunch of stores on the North Shore. Slo said if you get the CD on Thursday at TooGruvs you get in to the show for free, so check it.




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26 12 2007

The album is “alright”… instrumental is great! However, vocals really can be worked on or did away with or replaced by more soulful singer for this type of instrumental caliber. The emcee, rapper, or the like somewhat takes away from the sound or melody.

27 01 2008

I think “Malia” may have something against these two people! You’re talking about the two hottest vocalists in Honolulu. Have you see these guys live??? Every time is I see them, they only get better and better. I say clean your ears! They are workin it. I don’t see anyone else doing it out of nothing like these cats have. I think the album is a classic. A CD that will go down in Hawaii history. I can’t wait until the next album. Make sure head is “alright.”

16 02 2008

Not sure about this album because it sounds like “ooffing” music. Hard to get into it the rythm or rhyme without big pauses. Needs work but has potential.

29 03 2008

I have to agree with Malia and Kanani. The rapper can throw you off. The cellist needs more versatility. I see why the music is laid back type, maybe because there isn’t much edge. Otherwise, like Kanani, I think there is potential. If you are like me who has traveled to big cities, the sounds aren’t so new to me. But great effort.

13 08 2008

one plus one equals oneness. two plus two equals a ton and a ton, by the thousands, many have much to say, but none to play with arousin’ awareness and moments to cherish for atonement.

marriage is in motion, poetry as love potion, sounds of one’s devotion, chinatown sunscreen lotion. it’s hot where the hater’s hate, even hotter where the players play their games, name(less)names. One LOVE

19 08 2008

Hello friends~

TEMPO VALLEY will be performing at a very close friend’s breast cancer awareness benefit this September 5th @ Coffee Talk. Her name is Joann Kapololu. We are raising funds to help her pay for her medical expenses. For more details on how you can contribute to her cause, please visit the link below. Also performing that night is MAKANA. They are also accepting silent auction items.

Mahalo for your support on behalf of Joann Kapololu, Tempo Valley & Jen “Paisley.”



A Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit for Jo Kapololu

Friday, September 5, 2008
6:00pm – 10:00pm

Coffee Talk
3601 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

$60 Donation Includes:
Sumptuous Pupus, Wine & Beer, Silent Auction
Entertainment by: Makana, Tempo Valley & DJ

Canʻt attend, but want to help?

Fundraising Event

DATE Friday, September 5, 2008

Coffee Talk
3601 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816, 737-7444

TIME 6 –10 pm.

by Guest Chef
Wayne Hirabayashi

By Southern Wine & Spirits
& Big Aloha

Makana, Tempo Valley & Live DJ

Donations Welcome, call 551-4876

TICKETS are $60.00
Available for purchase at:
Coffee Talk
OR purchase tickets online:


Please make check payable to “Friends of Jo Kapololu”

May be snail mailed to:
“Friends of Jo Kapololu”
604 9th Avenue
Honolulu Hi 96816


deposited at any Bank of Hawaii location


Donations also accepted online:

(Donate any amount using PayPal. $60 donations or greater will automatically put you on the invite list for Joʻs Sept. 5 benefit if you wish to attend.)

19 08 2008

Come on people!! For Gods sake-quit being haters! For real though– no one is making anything new! L’ets give it to these people for doing what they can with what little they had to start with. From what I’ve read in articles they recorded some of their trax with broken instruments and put a raw album out with merely a few takes. I don’t see anyone else doing dope shit like they are. That’s the reason why Hawaii will always be behind schedule- cause everyone is to damn fly for everything until they realize it’s cool because someone else is doing it. Wake up people. You Hawaii visitors don’t need to be elitists either! Hawaii is special and will never be mainland or foreign! Thank goodness! Hawaii sets trends too! Amen!

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