13 03 2008

Stoked on Yelle right now. Pop Up sounds pretty darn good.The track that really set it off for me was “Ce Jeu” the first track off the album. It was the Paul Gold remix that I heard first (thanks BZA) that was a pure gold smooved out electr-slow jam. The original LP version is great too having a more upbeat vibe. Both have the same Yelle singing but each has its in electric feel. Me and B been bumpin’ it all weekend especially at Relay For Life.UpdateNew Video! THX-PhoenixD. Looks like Pop-Up is set to be released here in the states on April 1st on Astralwerks/Caroline Records. I thought it was out already, but okay.People thought it was crazy to combine aerobics and exercising to create the hybrid aerobisize.




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24 04 2009
Stats & Sausages « Re-Percussions

[…] since I posted about Yelle way back  in March last year, this WordPress has been getting a heck of a lot of traffic from […]

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