18 03 2008

This month will make Re-Percussions 3 years old. Goddamn! Three years on KTUH, from training at 3-6am to it’s current home at 9-midnight. The show’s getting old, I’m getting old. Again, like last year’s post the show hasn’t changed much as far as what it wants to do, but I guess I’ve been very kapakahi with the selections and flow. I haven’t been keeping my playlists consistently like I used to, but whatever. I play a lot of my favorite tracks quite reguarly and of course I have my staples. Thank you to everyone who listens and has made the show more than me just playing music for myself. I also want to give a super special thanks to my #1 fan, my sweet beebee for all the love, inspiration, and for reminding me what my show is all about when I’m down or over it. I often stray away (been on an electro/nu-disco binge) but always feel at home with my old abstract vibes, the music RUS and I listened to in high school, that’s like 10+ years old, but is still great to listen to. So for tonight’s show I’d thought I’d play some of the classic Re-Percussions tracks that, in my mind, have characterized my show as well as some new classics that I currently enjoy. 




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18 03 2008

i remember the first time i heard your show in the car. i was really shocked! you were playing weird afxsquarepushershit and i got super excited!! you didn’t look the type.. y’know, weird and cracked out? except, you DID made the station smell real stinky…*eye glare* the point is, i’m glad i can be your #1 fan! +/`\ more cowbell!!

18 03 2008

what’s that smell?

18 03 2008

your farts

17 03 2009
4-Percussions « Re-Percussions

[…] I like Ernie. Bert, not so much. This March makes four years for Trav15 and Re-Percussions on KTUH. Yup, I’m getting older, but I’ve learned a lot from my years at KTUH. This will probably be the last year I’m doing the show, so I hope you enjoy what’s left of it. I hope to have some more guests on and upload more of my archived shows. Nuff respect to all the KTUHers, the DJ’s who’ve inspired me over the years and bbq for being the #1 fan. You also check out the Thanks page of this WordPress for the whole list. Trackback to the past with 2 years of Re-Percussions and 3-Percussions […]

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