Spring Breaking

24 03 2008

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break (if you have one). I took off work from my DJ job for the weekend and it was pretty good. I felt a bit like Peter Gibbons from Office Space, when he sleeps in after Lumberg tells him to come in on the weekend. I did nothing and it was everything I thought it could be. QT and I went to the beach on Saturday and made pigs in a blanket and ants on a log.

aww yeeaah, pigs in a blanket, ants on a log, mini teddy grahams, wasabi poke and mountain berry capri sun. we got it going on.

I also got to see Juno this weekend, on DVD thanks to mi gal’s breddah’s students. And out of nowhere, I think I hear the voice of Lucas MacFadden and who do you think shows up as the chemistry teacher:

Wish he had a longer cameo. Cut and DJ Shadow recently released they new DVD of their Hard Sell performance. Another all 7″/45’s routine, the third in the trilogy after Brainfreeze and Product Placement. Looks like the first run of the mix CD ran out already.




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