The Finest Elements

27 04 2008

A while back I was at my girlfriend’s house and we were checking out some Flying Lotus stuff on the internet. We was peeping his myspace and came across this:

Then the Black Rob on my shoulder went, “Whoa!”. The motherfucking Gaslamp Killer (btw, the new mix, I Spit On Your Grave, is funky funky darkness) had a portrait done too, so we tried to figure out who did it. We clicked some of their friends but didn’t find anything except more portraits. Then we tried to read some of the tags on the paintings and came up with “Ques” and “LCP”, which we subsequently searched for Google and found LCP United. I was stoked to see more stuff like J-Dilla, The RZA, and the hardest working man in showbizness (RIP). I sent a ques to Ques to see if they had prints for da kine, and he replied saying they would be available soon in America. Then last week this came out:

Some other notables include Wajeed, MF and Madlib, and some other Stones Throw guys (Guilty Simpson, Oh No).

Check out:

Ques MySpace –

Order at TTL –

I hope they make prints of Jay Dee, RZA, and JB.




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