Young MD & Mickey D’s

4 05 2008

Classic theme, I remember my homie, BZA, playing it on one of those old Casio SK-1’s. Check out TTL’s Snack & C’Mish’s b’more banger “Young MD” off the Money Studies’ Secret Hangout [EP]. Here come da amboolance.

Some of the Fatal Farm viddy’s are funny, as mentioned by Aziz from HG in WIRED, some are dumb, but some get a bit disturbing. Check out the Cheers intro, but be warned about the Duck Tales and Happy Days intros. They may ruin your memories of classic TV.

Speaking of ruining things, this may make your head explode, unlike Mickey D’s food which may make your heart and ass explode.

I had the like six MakkuPooku’s over the course of my trip last summer but didn’t get to try the Mega Tamago or Shrimp Filet. Maybe next time.




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