Beats To Blaze To Vol. 3

5 05 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo, whatever that means besides drinking your ass off. I’m refraining from the sauce this year and boy am I glad. I reFRANEd today when super awesome DJ Frane hooked KTUH with some promo copies of his brand new CD, The Journey To The Planet of Birds – Beats To Blaze To Volume 3. Really stoked for this one filled with more soulful funkee goodness from the funktastic master. Check the samples at CDBaby or at Frane’s MySpace. If you don’t know shit about Frane, check Beats To Blaze To Volumes 1 & 2 better known as Frane’s Fantastic Boatride and Electric Garden of Delights respectfully and the Live @ The Galaxy Smokeshop mixtape, where you’ll hear some of the breaks used for vol. 2 & 3. If I had wings I would fly, let me contemplate.

Buy the physical or digital at




2 responses

6 05 2008

I LOVE THIS CD! and this fucking cover needs to go on the ceiling. hahahha. you’re posting so much mind-candy!! i was going to cry from the japanese mcdonalds youtube. but then i saw the pic with mcpork and thought of the awesome food music and time we had there ❤ p.s. i got paaaaaaaaaid today!!!!

14 01 2010
dj demchuk

DJ FRANE’s albums are incredible…amazing tracks…I’ve freestyled w/ so many heads to these albums!

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