Benefits & Wine

14 05 2008

33.6 million big ones

Enjoy Nouvelle Vauge’s version of the Depeche Mode’s classic “I Just Can’t Get Enough” to a cool Chardonnay or a sweet Riesling. Or how about a nice Merlot while listening to Jose Gonzales’s version of The Knife’s jam, “Heartbeats”. Or perhaps you’d like a 2 liter of Shaun Mondavi vintage tequila and 5-Alive and fish and seawater and those little marshmallows you put in cocoa while cry-singing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”.

And today, at Shaun Mondavi wine place, we are committed to the best wine-ing techniques around. Like the time-honored aging process. And nothing ages wine like a hot 3 hour van ride from our wine factory in San Jose, straight to your mouth. That’s right. When a van with a cactus airbrushed on the side pulls up outside your house, and a guy with a “fu-manchu” mustache hands you a case of Coke bottles filled with wine, you know you’re in Shaun Mondavi country: the San Jose metropolitan area.

The classic balance between wine and food is an integral part of the Shaun Mondavi experience. Whether you’re having Steak-Ums or tacos or you can’t afford food, you’ll want a 2 liter Mountain Dew bottle filled with Shaun Mondavi’s reddish-style wine drink. You won’t be disappointed.

And you won’t be disappointed if you check out the Pau Hana sessions, Wednesdays & Fridays, over at J Bistro in the Doubltree Alana Hotel (right after Cheeseburger In Paradise). Free valet parking, pupu and martini specials and of course live downtempo. Check for more info. Coming up on the 30th of May, Friday, Reinvention of The Downtempo celebration with art, food, music, and me.




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