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22 05 2008

For the past week I’ve been looking at a lot of local food blogs. Man, do they make me hungry. It’s not good late at night and your fridge is empty and you get the craving and all you can think is to go to Mickey D’s. Terrible. But the blogs are great. One in particular is The Tasty Island over at tastyisland.wordpress.com. Jole and I were looking for info on Arabiki sausages after eating some weiner rolls from St. Germain.

I love those Japanese style sausages! When I went to Japan last summer I had a sausage sub from Subway and that was amazing. Anyway, we came across Pomai’s Potagee Sausage Shootout. Peep this spread:

Oh my JAH! That’s not I-Tal but fudge if that don’t make your mouth water. Could you imagine how that smelt? I want to go eat so much stuff. Tasty Island’s Pomai also did a couple posts on what he calls the “Ramen Quest”, sort of like the Quest For Love & Peace, but more like the quest for some ono packaged ramen. Who knows, you might just find love, peace and enlightenment like in Tampopo.

I just want to make my own charsiu! More eating out, more cooking at home!!!!!!!!

My selection of pics don’t really do the blog justice so go ahead and check it for yourself at TastyIsland.wordpress.com. Homeboy gives his thoughts on all kind local foods, so don’t be mislead by my sausage and pork references. If you’re on the island, chai look you insai. If you’re on the mainland, torture yourself. Or maybe do both no matter where you are.

Now I want to make cute home lunches for me and my girlfriend. When you’re working during the week it’s hard on the pocketbook to be constantly eating out and it’s hard on the belly to constantly eat Souper Meals or Nong Shim’s Kim Chee Bowl Noodle (i’m addicted to it). The lady over at LunchInABox.net makes it look so nice for her preschooler. I never had home lunch like that 😦 Now I will finish my Yakitori Chicken Bento from Shirokiya and get back to work…




3 responses

23 05 2008

Hey, now THERE’S any idea.. An Arabiki Sausage Sub! Brah, that sounds like it would be awesome!

I’d like to try doing that Bale Sandwich style too, with those Vietnamese pickled veggies on a French Roll. Bet that would rock as well.

But yeah, them Arabiki sausages have a nice savory-sweetness to them, with a difinitive “snap” to their casings. Good stuff. A bit more expensive than “regular” hot dogs, but worth it, I think.

25 05 2008

Ok. Arabiki sausage is definitely awesome! if your shoyu hotdogs weren’t there, i could’ve just snapped away at two of them (o^v^o) numnumnumnum

30 05 2008

thanks to you i checked out tastyisland.wordpress.com and it’s a really nice site. yours too. 😀

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