Get Yer Recaads

6 06 2008

I’ve been feeling low, but haven’t bought any records. I actually haven’t bought any records in a while it seems. There’s like three record stores near my house but I don’t frequent them. I especially don’t like buying used records from Stylus since they put their green price tag on the all used records and sleeves (sorry Speedy) and that kind of ruins it for me. I stick with Jelly’s which usually requires a trip out to Pearl City and a lunch at Kuru Kuru Sushi. bb and me used to go every so often. Ahh, the simple things in life, records and sushi.

And yet every day I look at what’s new at Turntable Lab. I wish there was a storefront in Hawaii, or something like it. There’s things that I want to buy but I usually sleep on them due to a lack of funds. I do want to pick up the new James Pants LP with the Fan Club 45. Lots of aloha to the family doing it big back in Washington after the likkle tour with Jamie Lidell with a stop off at the TTL storefront in LA for an in-store performance (this pic is from last year).

I really digressed from what I wanted to say. Last weekend I went shelf crazy looking for something cheap but sturdy and decent looking to hold my vinyl and organize my DVD’s and CD’s. I’ve been looking at these perfect modular shelves, but they don’t ship it to Hawaii and if they do it’s like $150 or more for shipping. Fudging hell. I searched all over Honozooloo, from City Mill to Home Depot, Kmart to Walmart, OfficeMax to Fisher Hawaii, any place I thought would carry that kind stuff. I found some good black shelves and a tv stand at City Mill but could not find shelves that were at least 13″ in depth and height to hold the records. I finally gave up and bought a black book shelf from Walmart, but I don’t know if the top shelf can withstand the pressure of my vinyl (that) weighs a ton. It’s showing some light bowing.

But I guess it’s better than nothing. My place looks a lot cleaner since I purged a lot of the crap I was accumulating over the years. I hope someday I can find some good cubic modular shelves to put the other four crates of vinyl in, but I guess it’ll have to wait.




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23 07 2008

MEAN. miss you peanut ❤

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