Blazin’ With Frane

24 06 2008

Tonight, 6/24/08, I will broadcast my phone-in interview with the one and only Most High, DJ FRANE. Coming soon, the mp3 of the aired interview. I’ll get that Odd Nosdam interview up sometime too and look out for my mini-mix, Winter In Antarctica, coming soon.

Don’t forget about the new album, Journey To The Planet of Birds (or Beats To Blaze To Volume 3). You can buy the Beats To Blaze To trilogy, both physical (CD’s, only Volume 2 on vinyl right now) and digital, on his myspace or Support great quality introspective instrumental music so Frane can press some wax of Volume 3 and we can complete our vinyl trilogy.

Update: I put up the mp3 of the interview I did. Sounds kinda funky, but I hope you enjoy it.

Check out more from the Re-Percussions archive on the LISTEN tab.




One response

18 10 2008

Just found this post…looking forward to when the interview on mp3…and the live at the Galaxy smokeshop? Where’d you find that??!

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