Minotaur Shock Treatment

16 08 2008

Oddly enough the other week bb and me were listening to the Minotaur Shock remix of Stars’ “The Big Fight”, which was a bit awkward to listen to in the car after a disappointing dinner (foodwise) at Momomo. We both like MS’s sound and she asked if he was gonna come out with a new album. I said I didn’t know. This afternoon I was left to my own devices and among “practicing” scratching and lying in bed, I browsed STMusic and saw that there was in fact a new MS album! I immediately went to his site at minotaurshock.com and was surprised to see the renovations. His new album is called “Amateur Dramatics” and sounds like it follows Maritime and some remixes in electric feel (get it?). Unfortunately there are no plans for any physical release yet, so read his introduction for more explanation. Despite no physicals being pressed, MS has made artwork for each track and “liner notes” with interesting comments about each track and ratings on categories like technical difficulty rating, computer crash rating, and fun/replay rating. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan, it’s a pretty cool digital release with all that added content, way better than anything you’ll find on iShit Shitsic Store, except of course for Minotaur Shock’s other stuff šŸ™‚ If you like it, please support him and buy the AAC’s from his site. Hopefully there will be enough support for a vinyl pressing in the future.




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