Rocktober London, Rock on Chicago

9 10 2008

September is gone, October is here. That means autumn is upon us, what a great time of the year. In addition to SuperJail, I’ve been getting my It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The Wire fix, slowly but surely, through Netflix. Only on Season 1, Disc 4 for The Wire! I’ve been meaning to put up this post with crap I’ve been messing with the past month.

Some records:
Michna’s Magic Monday off Ghostly

Some interesting production here, nice sythn work, with a tribute to skateboarding on the track “Swiss Glide”.  Here’s something interesting: the liner note reads:
“The foil interface in this compact disc has been treated with a single layer of acrylonitrile coating. Repeated standard playback is required to unlock new layers of uncompressed audio data […] the resulting addition of audio via repeated plays should provide a zenith of excitement among the listener.” 
Hmmmm, I wonder what secrets this disc will unclock… I guess you’ll never know just downloading the album digitally. Another reason to support!

I was jamming on the Koushik, but now I’m over it, at least for now.

I’ve been enjoying three of Marumari’s releases. I got them off a little blog called BoardsOfElectronica, a nod to my favorite Scottish brothers duo, and you can preview them yourselves at Remember to support the music.

I’ve also been listening to M. Ward. I like his cover of Pete Townshend’s poppy 80’s hit. Obviously She & Him’s been big since it dropped in March. I hate when I put my iPod on shuffle and it plays the same artists five times in a row, or the same couple songs every time I put it on shuffle. Why can’t they make the randomization a little better. I don’t even want to fuck with Genius, it might make my laptop explode.

I thought I had more to say…




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