Skoo Almos Pau

10 12 2008

Looks like I’ve been averaging one post a month. I guess I haven’t been web logging all the crap that’s been flowing through my mind. I hope you’ve been okay without me. Like the snow? I like the way it piles at the bottom.


Well, here at UHM, school’s almost done. This is the last week of instruction and Thursday is the last day of this week. KTUH is having the last Groove In The Garden of 2008 that evening, 12/11, from 5-8pm on campus at Manoa Gardens. Mr Nick, Rhombus, and myself will be spinning tunes for the evening so come hang out. The perfect way to get everything ready for finals week.

With the fall semester ending, the real year’s end is coming soon. That means a 2008 wrap-up… my top 10 of 2008 will be up soon if I get around to it. I’ve been busy with my new old Dr. Groove whipping my Dr. Sample, slaving away. I’m glad Roland/Boss released these somewhat cheap, accessible beat making machines back in 3030. Now we can get them off craigslist for cheaper.


I guess I’m looking forward to a new 2009, not that I know what’s in store, but I have plans for what I need and want to do. One thing I know is that the 40th anniversary of KTUH is coming in September of ’09 and we’ll hopefully be doing a lot of leading up to celebrate it! Keep it locked to the only station that loves you for more details.


I love MY TT.




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