Working In The Lo`i

3 02 2009


This morning I had the pleasure to help harvest taro at a lo`i in Waiahole. I joined my friend and his girl bright and early at 7:30am as we drove out to the northeast side and luckily I didn’t have class until 12:30pm. It was a beautiful farm and lo`i that the Reppun’s had back there. It felt so good to have my feet in the cool water of the valley and sink into the soft mud of the patch. I could still feel the soft squishiness when I took my math test and can still feel it now after midnight, kinda like that feeling you get after you’ve been in the waves in the ocean. We were harvesting taro for the carnival this weekend. They always have Hawaiian Plate up at the cafeteria, but I never thought it actually came from real taro harvested locally (I don’t know why). Hopefully I can help on Thursday night when they cook the 500+ pounds of kalo. Thanks to Paul and Charlie for being cool, and Eric and Collette for bringing me along.




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