Adventures In Fooding pt.1

15 02 2009


I read some local food blogs, mainly Tasty Island, and I enjoy reading about new restaurants and yummy kine grinds. Yesterday I went to Fresh Catch on Waialae, across the street from W&M and City Mill. I’ve been there a couple times and they have a really good selection of different kinds of poke, from fireball Ahi to Salmon to Pipikaula. Highly recommended for your poke needs. They’re not quite the same as Tamura’s with their wasabi poke (with those mountain veggies) and fishcake poke, but they definitely got their own style. Plus they have marinated meats and plate lunches ready to go. The first time I went to Fresh Catch, I had this Ahi stuffed crab roll. It was soooo good, so I jumped at the opportunity to eat it again. It’s basically real crab with some mayo, wrapped in some thin, fresh caught Ahi, lightly katsu-ed (battered) and deep fried.


It’s complimented by a butter sauce, lightly flavored with garlic, and if I learned anything from working at Roy’s, sauce is everything, and butter sauces will be the death of me. They use the same sauce on their Ahi belly and Furikake Salmon. The flavors for the Ahi stuffed crab roll go very well together and the panko/furikake crunch give a nice texture. Simple but effective.


Hiked Olomana and after cleaning W’s car after it got broken into, we went to one of my favorite food establishments. I’ve cut out the fast food in my life, but this is an exception. Hey, at least it’s not Mickey D’s or J in B. Real simple menu and usually get the hot dog, cheese, fries, and a cherry lemonade. To my surprise they changed the cheese from Mozzarella to American or something.


Tasted pretty much the same. Was good, just like I dream about. If I lived on the windward side, I’d probably go to Hot Dog On A Stick every day, but luckily I don’t. I like eating this part when I’ve come to the end:





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