AWS Mind Field

16 02 2009


The new Alien Workshop video, Mind Field, came out recently. I was excited to see it after reading some hype off other blogs. I don’t really skate anymore, but I still like watching vids. If I had some money, I’d get a new complete but would be scared to get shown up by the groms at the park. Speaking of which, I really liked the new kids on the AWS block, some fresh solid styles. In particular, Tyler Bledsoe, who’s got that Lindsey Robertson-ish, slight darkman style.


He big spin flips the Carlsbad Gap among many other tricks in his part. The other kids are good too. Not so new kid on the block, mr. woooooo, Omar Salazaar also kicks some ass with his opening part.


I was disappointed with the old timers, namely Dyrdek, Kalis, and Berra. To me it seemed like the same old shit they’ve always done. I’m not one to criticize because I can’t skate like them but I guess their styles just aren’t interesting to me anymore. In contrast, Dill still has his Jason Doodoo style and the shit he does is interesting to watch. Check the towel headed 50-50 to 50-50:


AVE and Arto are still rocking it. Arto’s still got that solid Finnish stylee with signature rigid four finger gang sign and AVE’s still ollieing over rails to 50-50. I was looking in a CCS and saw that Arto got abducted from Flip.



A nice b/s lipside down a double set kinker. Kirchart gets the kurtains on this one and he’s still pulling that stuntman shit, skating fast as hell.


Solid video in the usual AWS style, with all that weird artsy stuff injected in it. Solid skating, but a little disappointing after some of the hype, maybe the best of 2009 so far, but not as good as Lakai’s Fully Flared. MJ! Photosynthesis was pretty classic, especially with the Habitat section with score by Mr. Dibbs. Anyone want to buy some old skate videos?





One response

17 02 2009
Cody A

Not possible to hype this vid too much. Heath has his best part since sight unseen. Not to obsess about Heath, but this is most likely going to be one of his last “epic” parts so appreciate this shit.

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