New EP’s

17 02 2009


First off we got an EP by a fellow named Wisp. When you hear it, you think Aphex but it’s not, just some guy from Niagara Falls, NY, homegrown here in the US. Don’t believe me? Check the Wikipedia entry. This release does come off of Richard’s Rephlex Records and it invokes the same kind of nostalgia characteristic of him. Definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of Richy poo.


And now, the record with the best cover art, Hudson Mohawke’s Polyfolk Dance. Recently signed to Warp Records, homeboy just released his new EP and it is banging. I think I like side A more than side 2 but it’s all very interesting to listen to. It’s got, what I call, the Dilla limp, and there’s layers upon layers of shit going on. I’m glad to see Warp looking to the future and signing some better guys, like FlyLo and HudMo, instead of more rock bands. Go check ’em.

He’s one of the finest elements done by Ques:





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