Wicky Scratch

10 03 2009


I sold my turntables! My sweet, horrible, amazing Stanton Str8-80’s. That’s where I learned to mix, scratch, and generally shit on the tracks. I want to get some 1200’s or maybe even some Vestax PDX-2000’s, but I’ve been splurging way too much money. I was thinking maybe I’d get a Controller One, but I forgot it was over a thousand bucks each! What the fuck?!?! Not that I’m into scratching and mixing all that much anymore, but I definitely need one to play my records. And I do want to make a mix for the summer…


I’m bored, waiting for Logic to install… That’s why I did this post! Look at that, over 2 hours to go! Fudgers. I guess that’s what you get with 7 dual-layer DVD’s. Thanks A & G!

Check out the Sebastien Tellier video for “Roche”. It’s like the album and 12-inch covers come to life. Even features a cameo by the Silver Surfer. I liked this song when Sexuality first came out. The Breakbot remix on the 12″ is pretty fun too. I want an all white grand piano. Probably didn’t work good; can’t really do of Ebony & Ivory, guess that’s why they burned it.




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