Go Roku

20 03 2009


I don’t have cable, so I tend to watch a lot of DVD’s. I recently got the Roku in the mail. I didn’t realize how small it was. It has wireless capabilities and HDMI output. Within minutes I was setup and watching Netflix. It’s $99 bucks plus shipping but no subscription fee like for Xbox live. Amazon recently added their VOD to the Roku, which doesn’t make sense to use unless you really want to watch a newer movie that’s not on Netflix Watch Instantly. But it’s good to have the ability to do so.


It’s pretty small, about the size of four CD cases stacked on top each other. The Netflix videos load pretty fast but the fast forwarding or rewinding takes a while because it has to rebuffer and load again, but other than that it’s great quality.


I’ve gotten into 30 Rock with sexy miss Tiny Fey.

Yeah, get a shot of my nubby for the ladies. I wish you could find more SNL clips on the webbernet. It’s a ceremonial spirit box.

There’s also some good movies on there including Toxic Avenger, and TV shows for me to get hooked on like A-Team, Family Ties, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It’s so good I haven’t been doing my school work! Between KTUH, skoo, work, learning Logic, and the Roku, I am a lazy, distracted bastard.

So if you don’t have cable and can focus on what you have to do, I highly recommend getting the Roku Netflix Player if you want to watch TV’s and movies. It’s especially good if you already have Netflix. Just get ready to waste your time glued to the TV instead of reading a book and working that grey matter.




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