Epicly Later’d

4 04 2009


Whatever the hell that means. I just got into the web show Epicly Later’d on Vice’s VBS.tv (of whom Spike Jonze is creative director). Basically it’s a day-in-the-life style mini-documentary focusing on various pro-skateboarders. With old/new footage and interviews the show gives great insight into the lives behind the tricks and styles of skaters we’ve see in skate videos and magazines. Patrick O’Dell is the brains behind the project and with this show he’s brought something great, informative, and unique to us skate nerds. They’ve started season 2 with the legendary Guy Mariano. I remember thinking he was a god after Mouse. Take a peek at the trailer:

The reason I got into this show so late was because of distractions by Shot By Kern, and mainly because the cover had Patrick O’Dell on it looking like a dumbass and it reminded me of Derek Blank from Strangers With Candy. Parallel universe/seperated at birth or what?!


I bought the DVD for Season 1 and am not disappointed. It’s got skaters like Dill, Greco, Spawn, The Gonz and Christ, Reynolds (turtle boy),Hsu Shoe, and the rest of the Emerica Team, including stuff with Heath. Definitely check the show out if you skateboard or used to. I think it makes more sense if you used to skate around the 2000’s, the third wave of skateboarding? Not to be missed is the “Lakai Month” of Epicly Later’d and especially the Marc Charles Bronson section. Check the it at the show’s VBS page, VBS.tv, and the photo blog that the show is based off of at http://epiclylaterd.com.




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