Friends of Friends of Friends

7 04 2009


Just got FoF001 in the mail today. It features Daedelus and Jogger with artwork by Kozyndan. Friends of Friends Music is a new record company although they don’t make actual physical records. I’ll let them explain themselves:

The concept in short for our inaugural release is FoF invites an artist to join the FoF family by signing on to do a split EP; they in turn invite another musician or group to complete the split release and commission a designer to create the EP’s artwork on a limited edition T-Shirt which will include a download card(100% seed paper card; Included will be the release, exclusive remixes and special content: ie videos, mixes etc).img_1112

While the music industry is getting a much needed make-over, for fans there lies a fresh opportunity to change the way we value and understand music as a whole. The Internet in many ways has been “the great equalizer” for both artists and music fans giving us all new opportunities to release, buy and receive music. Artists are able to reach new listeners with ease, while interested fans have plenty of avenues to express their own voices online and discover something new. And while people aren’t buying music at the stores at the same rate as in the past, they certainly are willing to support the people that make art they love. Fans still want something tangible and by evidence of current blog/Twitter culture, are seeming just as interested in the story and method as they are in the final product.

At first I thought this was a split-vinyl EP. I like to collect the tangible vinyl record of artists and albums I like. Hopefully they will consider pressing up some 45’s or something. Looking in your direction, Lazy Brow? This is pretty cool though, a nice organic t-shirty and download card with access code to get the split-EP with tracks by Daedelus and Jogger, plus you get remixes by Nosaj Thing, Michna, Eliot Lipp, Grahm Zilla, Mexicans with Guns, Keenhouse, and Meanest Man Contest, with more content on the way. It’s a great way to support good music and your favorite artists who are pushing music in new directions. Check out for the goodies!


They just made a video for my favorite track off the EP. Play that Monome, Daedelus, play it!




One response

27 04 2009

This is Maniac. I produced this track(Aquarium) in 2005 and had it
reviewed by an executive at Motown Records. Apparently Nosaj Thing
remixed it for Kid Cudi. I never received any notification my track
would be used or payment, now I have two artists both using my track
without my consent!

I’m sure that there is a reasonable explaination as to why a track I submitted to Motown is being used in a slightly remixed form as a title track on a Motown artist’s album. I hope that these artists both contact me and resolve this issue so I can receive proper credit for my contribution to the track

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