99 Problems

11 04 2009

Okay, 99 Problems is over 6 years old. Black Album came out in 2003 and Grey Album not too long after. So why the late ass post? I don’t know. I had to sub a Midnight-3am show because the DJ was “sick” and was bored, looking at mblogs and came across Jaydiohead, a mashup album of, you guessed it, Jay-Z and Radiohead. To my surprise it was actually pretty well done. And despite 99 Problems being 6 years old, I still like the raps, probably cause I know the words. Nuff respect to motherfucking Rick motherfucking Rubin for producing the original. That being said, let’s get to some of my favorite remixes/mashups of 99 Problems:


Jaydiohead – 99 Anthems

Hit up http://jaydiohead.com/ to get the whole thing. Good production on this one, no super sped up ableton warp sound shit. Done by Minty Fresh Beats. http://www.myspace.com/mintyfreshmusic


Jay-Z & The Dap-Kings – 99problems

Prince of Ballard Royal Edit. Fits nicely with the Dap-vibes.


Jay-Z & Nena – 99 Luft Problems

Coming from the Jay-Zeezer mashup album, the bonus track, 99 Luft Problems. Get it at http://www.jay-zeezer.com/. I kinda wish they used the German version of the song. I didn’t even realize 99 luft balloons and 99 problems until I heard it in the song. Clever girl…


Jay-Z & Prince – 99 Problems – The Purple Album

I like this remix, biatch. The purple one’s Let’s Go Crazy under Jay’s raps. Complete with edited intro and ending.


Jay-Z at Studio One – 99 Problems

Some nice mashes here. I don’t know the producer on this, but it’s not too bad. Coxsone’s spinning in his grave.

So that’s a few. I’m sure there’s so many more. I left out the Grey Album version because it sucks and I think Danger Mouse is a little overrated.I hope that satisfies your mashup appetite. If not, check out DJ Lobsterdust at http://djlobsterdust.com/, he does some quality mashes and he even makes nice and cheesy artwork to go with it! That’s my bi-monthly dose of mashups, too much and I feel like I can’t breathe and need to vomit.




One response

10 09 2011

i love the purple album mash up, is there anywhere to get the mp3?

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