Krazy Movements

12 04 2009


New album from Frenchie, Krazy Baldhead. Coming off the Parisian Ed Banger (in the mouth) Records, this LP is divided into four movements, each with four or five parts within. It’s a nice refreshing departure from that played-out dance rock electro that Justice made so popular. Awesome synth work throughout and krazy bald-head-nod breakdowns that morph and melt the themes of each movement.

In Hawaii, we would call him krazy bolo-head. A nice, surprising release from Ed Rec. Out April 6th in the Europe and probably this week for America. I can’t find out anything of a physical release yet, but hopefully it’s a 2-disc, four-sided vinyl with gatefold sleeve (crossing fingers). Bear witness to Krazy Bolohead live and direct:

Speaking of live perfomances and laptop sets, nuff respect to Kavet and the Beat Root Grand Championships that took place last night Saturday, April 11, at the LoFt. Congrats to Lael Beats for winning first place! Good to see guys tap out stuff and make a performance out of the producter’s art. Don’t Sleep:




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