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27 04 2009


I’ve been reading a lot of tumblelogs the past week. I first saw KD’s sfe.tumblr.com and was curious about the site. I like the simplicity and themes of the blogs so I started my own at trav15.tumblr.com, and yawningiscontagious.tumblr.com. The trav15.tumblr won’t be updated, but the YawningIsContagious.tumblr will hopefully be a music and picture dump blog that will get weekly, if not daily, love. Now I have yet another thing to keep me on the computer, clicking away, while not really doing anything at all.

The problem with tumblr’s is that because it’s so simple, it’s not easy to integrate several media types, like pictures, audio, and movies in the same post, especially if you like to ramble on like me. But I guess that’s the charm in the tumblelog, the simplicity. They make good photo dump blog’s and here are some of my favorites thus far:

For the top 50 tumblelogs that will “make your inspiration go nitro!” check out Inspired Magazine. Don’t be surprised if you see the same stuff on different tumblelogs; tumblr has made re-blogging the cool and easy thing to do. If they could only do the same for Re-Percussions…




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