Shoe Whorn

30 05 2009


It’s old news that Stefan Janoski has been the recipient of the 2nd Nike SB pro shoe after P. Rod. He’s a great skater with smooth clean style and big switch tricks. He’s still got that signature tre flip and switch flip that I remember from the Expedition One video a while back. His shoe is very different than any of the others on Nike SB, like a three-way lovechild of a boat shoe, a Vans lace up, and a Blazer. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, some love it, some hate it. It’s my first Nike SB shoe and I have to say I very much enjoy it. I’ve been rocking a lot of Emerica’s, and although Sole Technology is major clean and consistent, top ranking quality, I thought I’d give the overpriced hype brand a try. Surprisingly the Stefan’s are nice and cushy cush, thin, plain, and simple. The only problem I have with it is the price tag, but it IMG_0005was $70 at Kicks/HI, compared to $75 retail and $80 at Aloha Army Waik’s, so I bought ’em. Kav didn’t like them, but I guess the reason I like them is because I’ve recently been into vulcanized soles. I’ve had Herman 2’s, Laced, and 3 pairs of Reynolds 3’s in the past couple months.

I like the P.Rod2’s and how the ankle collar is cushioned like a cloud, but I haven’t had the urge to spend ninety to a hundred bootle on them. I like some Dunk Lo’s and Mid’s, but there’s so many reasons why I don’t gef em. For me, Sole Tech is gold, and even though eS has been on the downward spiral, the Accels and Square One’s are classic. Too bad they couldn’t release the Koston One’s again. Lakai just couldn’t make it as clean and perfect like the original.


In Emerica funkiness, they’ve re-released the old Marc Johnson’s as OG-1’s. This was one of the shoes I always wanted, but never got. But now, They’re not really all that appealing. Maybe if they brought back that Blue/White colorway I’d get it. Chauncey Peppertooth awesoma powa! What about the MJ 2’s? I had those, and they were dope. While we’re on the subject of Sole Tech shoes they should re-issue, let me rattle off some of my favorites: Koston One’s, Two’s, and Three’s, eS Muska’s, eS Creagers, and Shned Templetons.

So that’s my skate shoe rant. I think I’m falling back into the skate shoe madness I had in high school.

Here’s Stefan’s promo video from the Nike SB site:




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