Sunny Saturday

21 06 2009


Summer’s upon us and we’re so lucky we live in Hawaii. Bright and sunny, cool breezes, lush greenery, clear blue beaches. Got up bright and early (for me) and went to the KCC Farmers Market that happens every Saturday on the makai side of the KCC parking lot. Never went to this one before and didn’t know what to expect. It was crazy how crowded it was, especially all kind earlys, but I guess normal people get up at a reasonable time and be productive. I highly recommend checking it out, if you plan to get up and out there before 11am (when the close). You might want to thinking about riding bikes, since parking is crap and it is good exercise riding up them hills.


Here’s me enjoying a nice ginger cooler after a sunny ride up from Kapahulu. This farmer’s market has all kinds of stuff, from produce to pizza, fresh fish, Hawaiian honey, orchids, and fried green tomatoes. It’s a nice time to stroll through and grab breakfast/lunch/brunch. Warning: you may end up spending all the cash you bring, but it is good to support the local growers and vendors of our lovely Island state.


This guy’s smoked taro poke was mean. Kind of like a poke potato salad. Definitely worth a try if you love poke/kalo/Hawaiian food/potato salad/life. He also had Evil Jungle Prince taro dip, Shitake Mushroom/Chipotle dip, and many more. Homeboy said he could make so many flavors with Taro, so look of for more combinations to blow your mind.


Andy’s Bueno Salsa was also there and he had his killer salsa for sale. Best part was his “pickled” watermelon and pineapple. Broke da mout! After being left with pickle juice leftovers, Andy decided to throw in some fruits. Who knew that would taste so good? It was sweet and salty and savory with a nice kick from the Hawaiian and Habanero peppers thrown in the mix. I love that sweet and salty flavor combination. No wonder I like chocolate covered pretzels so much.


Can’t forget about the Sea Asparagus. Love this stuff. First heard of it on Pomai’s Tasty Island food blog, later tried some in pickled form from Don Quijote. The raw stuff is good. Crisp, salty, and refreshing, with a slight bitterness at the end. It’s good with poke and the like, which we’ll get to later. Pomai also did some testing


After dropping off our fresh num nums at home, and taking a small break, bb and me decided to take a ride out to Hawaii Kai and back. We needed fuel so hit up McCully for some Cliff Shot Blocks, then rode down King and up Harding. It was a beautiful ride, with some sunny views of the blue ocean and green ridges. Make sure you wear your high SPF sweatproof sunblock and prevent that malignant melanoma.


Once we got back to town area, we decided to grab some grinds on the way home. Stopped by Ono Seafood on Kapahulu, not to be confused with Ono’s Hawaiian Food also on Kapahulu. Ono Seafood is a small hole in the wall seafood/poke shop between the Shell Gast Station and American Savings across from that moped shop, somewhat near On Stage and Taco Bell. They make the poke made to order always from fresh, not frozen, ahi. They have a new special, poke and rice with can juice or soda for $5.50! So good and soooo worth it. They also use Jasmine rice, which is a nice change in a poke bowl.


Went back home and enjoyed our poke bowls and fresh goodies including this nice purple shiso. Went so good with the poke and rice and sea asparagus. Good good stuff on this nice day. Living in Hawaii is amazing and it’s important to make time and appreciate it. Fresh food, fresh air, beautiful scenery and great weather. Ahhhhhh, yes, summer in Hawai`i. Then we went to see Star Trek. That was good too.




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23 06 2009

i loved how you ended it all with, “then went to see Star Trek” funny! props! call me!

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