Life With Mikey

25 06 2009


I’m sure everyone’s heard the news of Michael Jackson’s passing. He went through a lot as a kid, rocked it as he grew up, and was pretty weird in the latter part of his life, but in the words of Dave Chappelle, “he made Thriller”. Yes, with the help of Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton, of course, and it is magical, classic stuff. My favorite tracks on the album? P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), and The Girl Is Mine. Does anyone remember his little drawings from the record sleeve? R.U.S and I used to crack up about it:


“look what i drew”


Classic stuff. Also check out Mikey from the Ben soundtrack in a great track entitled “We Got A Good Thing Going” which was covered and popularized by Jamaica’s Sugar Minott. Gotta give it up to Sifu for schooling me on the original. It is a great, classic song. Love the uke’s in it too.

Ed Smith, whoever that is, did some great remixes, laying MJ’s vocals over some nice Blue Breaks style funk funk soul, which you can find on 7-inch (pic of one side at the top) at TurntableLab or Juno UK. Here’s his remix of the track Mikey did with his sister that was all in black & white and in space.

Does anyone remember this video? I thought it was cool as a kid.

What’s gonna happen to The Beatles catalog?

Never can say goodbye. Alongside Olly Buck from the Motown Flies Jamaica series. Wickedest mix.

And when the groove is dead and gone, you know that love survives so we can rock forever, on.




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