What I Eat

15 07 2009


If you didn’t notice, I made a new section up there, and in the right side column over there. It’s called “Daily Diet” and it features a selection of albums that I’ve been listening to recently. This is stuff I throw on the speakers at home, or put on my Shuffle or Touch, when I’m “commuting” from home to work and school (by commuting I mean 5-10 minute travel). It’s old stuff and new stuff and anykine stuff that I feed myself.

In regards to real food and diet, I need to figure out my eating situation. I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of crap, steak plate, assorted plate lunch, school food, etc. I haven’t been cooking at home very much, which is something that I really should do more of. The key, for me, is to plan out what I want to eat, or should eat, so that I don’t waste time thinking and pondering, ultimately resulting in getting take-out from somewhere late at night.


Anyway, hope you’re enjoying your summer with good friends and great food. This was a sandwich from Mix Cafe in Downtown. It was yummy and a perfect lunch for a Hawaiian summer day.




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7 09 2009

Delicious Vinyl!

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