Re: Nosaj Thing Live

18 08 2009


Wow, how awesome was that? I really enjoyed seeing him perform live. He really gets into his music and it sounds great on a big system. Very inspiring and almost sinister as it was different than what Hawaii usually gets to see live. Jason is a really cool dude, just down to Earth and down for making dope beats and taking the live performance and remixing art of electronic music to the next level.

I dig this freestyle jam these guys did. Sorry, but it ends right when it gets really good. Joe gave a great performance too, sounded pretty awesome as well. Big thanks to him for rocking it..


Nuff respect to TKO for killing it on the decks. Here’s a clip from his performance. Hopefully you didn’t miss the show because you chose to go to Bayfest.


Thanks to NosajasoN Thing for coming to the HI and perform. Hopefully we’ll see you back soon, maybe with some fellow cronies in the mix. I hope this will be just the start of more good live music in Hawaii. Stuff that Hawaii hasn’t seen yet…

Special thanks to: PB&G, Rhombus, Shere’e, Kav, JtheS, ET/AL, et al.




3 responses

19 08 2009

big up dudeeee!

23 08 2009

Sic footy

25 08 2009

Yeayea! Was so cool. (Finally read this post.) 🙂 Just spoke to Root Hub last night, he said people are still talkin’ bout the gig. We gotta get back on the grind Trav, keep the momentum going!

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