KTUH Radiothon 2009

15 09 2009


KTUH’s Radiothon for 2009 is underway. This week until Friday KTUHers will be in the office to take your calls and donations from 8am-10pm. When you donate any amount, you get a KTUH sticker for your ass and good positive radio vibes. You can also give a shout out to your grandmother.

Tonight, I’ll be joined by some KTUHers past and present, including alumni who’ve influenced and helped me out. We’ll be giving away random goodies, and I made a couple special-edition handmade WinterInAntarctica mixes to giveaway, and playing good music as always. If you like what you hear, please donate. Call in at 956-5284 to donate during my show, 9pm to Midnight and get yourself some of these goodies.

I know these days we’re all used to not having to pay for digital stuff like music and videos, but definitely consider helping out an independent, student-run, 24/7, 365/yr, non-commercial college radio station that plays the best music on the islands, never goes to automation, and actually answers the phone to tell you what song you just heard or take your request. You can’t find that anywhere else in Hawaii, and very rarely elsewhere in the U.S. KTUH is the only station that loves you, even after all these years, and now it needs your love. 40 thousand more years for the best radio station in Hawaii!

CALL US: (808) 956-5284 (and receive a cool thank you gift!)

WWW (Online Credit Card Payments):
UH Foundation Website

Mail us a Check!
KTUH FM Honolulu
Attn: Accounts Director
2445 Campus Road
Hemenway #203
Honolulu, HI 96822




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