Dan McPharlin

22 09 2009


If you’ve seen the Prefuse 73 artwork for Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian or the follow-up EP Forest of Oversensitivity, you’ve seen work by Australian artist Dan McFarlin. I love the mood in those retro super-science exploration pieces. He also does those miniatures of analog synths and gear. You might’ve seen his work on Mr Chop album covers. Saw a great interview on Notcot that you can check out at: http://www.australianedge.net/2009/09/interview-with-dan-mcpharlin/.


Check out his Flickr.




2 responses

3 11 2009
Chris Gatian

Yo, I listened to Space and Sounds last Wednesday (Oct. 28) and you said you would post the playlist. There was one song about Tokyo (?) and it was totally rad, but I have no clue who it is. Female singer, you played it around the same time you played Flying Lotus at like 1 p.m. Hopefully that helps or you can just hook me up with the playlist. Thanks.


17 11 2009

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