Simple Burial

16 10 2009

Trav15 x Maggie


From The Wire – Burial unedited transcript

Burial: That’s happened to a lot of music. It’s detailed in a boring way. I’m not into big intros, because if you’ve got a big intro, the rest of the tune is forever the rest of the tune, and the intro’s forever the intro. You can never get lost in it, you know where you are in most tunes, and that just takes away the only reason a tune should exist to me, I can’t relate to grey music. I like tunes that just dive straight in, there’s a jump off and once you’re in it, the awareness that you’re two minutes into a tune, or four minutes into a tune is gone. That’s how I like my tunes. Or something like Robert Hood, just pure presence, shark-like, elements woven together. You can sense them sitting there rolling out the tune.

Wire: Your tunes are like being in a fog, it’s diffuse, but it’s all around you.

Burial: Then a couple of sounds might come up, glow, the rest of them sink down and burn out.

Since getting the 5 Years of Hyperdub and hearing that new Burial track on it (Fostercare), I’ve been on a Burial vacation again. Despite hearing the same signature snare/rimshot over and over in every song, I’ve been enjoying getting lost in his tunes. Even the pitched down/cut-up vocals (which I used to shy away from) are sounding really good to me, I think because he affects them to the point where they become simply sounds. There is definitely something to his music that transcends simplicity and repetition.

I love his collaboration with Four Tet, namely the track entitled “Moth”. Then this emerged on the webbernet recently, a collab of FlyLo x Burial:

Very interesting combination and a nice leak at that. And yet I wonder if people like to make fake tracks, like they used to pass off for Aphex Twin. Either way, I hope more great music like this continues to be produced and evolve.

PS. If you would like to read M.R. James while listening to Burial, I would whole-heartedly concur with that sentiment.




One response

17 10 2009

Ha, I’ve been on a Burial bender myself lately. I could listen to Fostercare on loop.

By the way, change my name to FAULTS? I’m sending people to your site and they’re getting confused

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