Look out for her…

28 02 2010

Andreya Triana’s been a guest vocalist on some Flying Lotus (Tea Leaf Dancers) and Bonobo (The Keeper, Eyesdown) tracks of late. She has a very smooth, soulful voice which really compliments each of these producers’ styles. It seems she’ll be on a lot of tracks on Bonobo’s new album, which is much better than that other stupid singer, Bajka, who at the time, was all hyped up on many producers’ tracks. I just couldn’t get into her worldy crooning and I thought she ruined some perfectly fine Simon Green tracks. Anyway, forget about Bajka and focus on Andreya. She’s now signed to Ninja Tune Records and will be dropping a full-length in August. Keep your eyes and your minds open for her as she will be taking us into space and beyond in this year of our lord, 2010.




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