22 06 2010

Sorry for the short notice, but Re-Percussions as a show, will be wrapping up it’s 5 year run. Starting as a training show at 3-6am on Monday nights/Tuesday mornings, I developed myself as an on-air DJ and came up with the name for the show (which was taken from a Hint track) and came up with my DJ name, from Trav-One-Five to Trav15.

From the beginning, back in 2005, I wanted to bring my unique taste in music to the listening audience. I thought to myself, I never hear my kind of music (Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Amon Tobin, etc.) on the radio. I got to KTUH and met lots of other people with similar interests and general love for music and the station. I have to thank the people who came before me, welcomed me, and inspired me. Thanks in particular to Sifu, Joan9, Dora, George, Eazy Al, Loriel, Meta[LX] Rid, Randi, and Rhombus.

I love KTUH for being the great student-run college radio station that it is. I got to experience so much, and have made many lasting friendships through it. From being Music Director to General Manager, repping the station at CMJ 2006 in NYC to partying at Indigo nights and fun days, it’s always been a priceless experience that I will never forget.

I’m still here, spinning tunes around town here and there, finishing up a mix, and as an alumni DJ. Remember to keep listening and supporting this great station.

Thanks to the all KTUHers and listeners who’ve made my show and growth possible. For the full thanks: Don’t sleep. Support. Create. That’s it.




4 responses

22 06 2010

i’m streaming via and as usual you sound great! will miss your show! you really have great taste in music!! I’m shy to call you, so I texted and am leaving my pros here for all the Internets to see for years to come!!!

Great show!! And thanks for stepping into Music Director AND GM when KTUH needed you. 😀

22 06 2010

“props” not pros!

22 06 2010
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22 06 2010

Concrete sips
the Forty drips
the Homies sigh
Eras die

Coin jangles
vanities dangle
the selektors sigh
eras die

low-ball free fall
low-brow Me Now
eras die, donʻt ask why
The Man says, the man sighs

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