7 11 2010

I haven’t posted anything here in a while. I’ve been working on a few things which I hope to share with you before 2010 ends. For now enjoy this great video from Everynone. It made me cry on a Sunday morning.

other stuff


Teebs in Honolulu

29 07 2010

The Arts at Marks Garage presents SPACE & SOUND featuring Teebs, B3ak03, MyCryptonauts, Gary Saito, and Alika.

Teebs, a producer, artist, and DJ, is a member of Flying Lotus’s imprint, BRAINFEEDER, and LA’s web radio station and creative collective DUBLAB.com. He will release a new full-length album, Ardour, on Brainfeeder later this year as well as a split 10″ with Daedelus in All City’s LA Series of 10″ records.

The exhibit also features local artists such as B3ak03,

On August 6th, First Friday, after 9PM there will be a special screening of Dublab’s documentary Secondhand Sureshots (starring Daedelus, J Rocc, Ras G, and Nobody) $5 cover after 9pm, all ages, 21+ to drink. Following the screening will be a performance by Teebs, a live set by Vezzen, and selections by Oliver Twist and Kavet The Catalyst. $5 at the door or buy tickets in advance at the merch table in the gallery for fast and no hassle entry entry.

For more info on the show and artists, visit SPACEandSOUND.org.

The Arts at Marks Garage
1159 Nu`uanu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817-5121.
The show runs from August 3, 2010 through September 4, 2010.


18 05 2010

Vivo and BeneathTheStreets present Phono:Graff at the Peggy Chun Gallery near Mark’s Garage. The opening party is this Friday evening (5/21) with me spinning some beats for your art-gazing pleasure. Vivo will stop by the show tonight to talk about the event, his art, and upcoming projects.

18 05 2010

Free Kutmah!

9 05 2010

This guy is one of the better producer/DJ/artist cats coming out of LA. Got to talk to him a bit at one of the Brainfeeder Downtown Sessions. Real cool dude and bought a hand-screened shirt from him. Please sign the petition at the very least, and show your support for the guy!


Please support Justin “Kutmah” McNulty in his deportation defense.

He is facing immediate deportation unless we can reopen his case and show the authorities how vital it is for Justin to stay in our lives. This vibrant artist, dj and producer is a beloved member of the Los Angeles creative community. Help Kutmah remain in the United States!

Kutmah was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US with his mother when he was 12 years old. They immediately applied for residency to keep them from being sent to Egypt. As a British citizen the court ruled that he would be able to live in the UK which in their eyes wasn’t such a bad place. They denied their application. Kutmah and his Mom returned to court to plead their case 14 years ago when Kutmah was 20. They were again denied a green card and were urged to sign a document stating they would voluntary leave the US.

On Wednesday morning, May 5th armed Immigration agents entered Kutmah’s house and detained him. He was brought to a facility in downtown LA where he was interrogated. On Thursday he was moved to an INS detention facility in New Mexico and can be expelled from the country at any moment. We need to show how important Kutmah is to the LA and US community.

To help, please visit > freekutmah.com and sign the petition.


Machete (For Real)

7 05 2010

Man oh man, am I glad that this trailer went from real to fake. Originally one of the fake trailers (or the only one in the DVD release) for GRINDHOUSE, the double feature from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, it’s been expanded into a full feature-length film (or should I say movie). Now it’s studded with stars and by the looks of it, promises to be one of the best action movies of 2010. I love that gritty charm that Rodriguez and Taratino put on Planet Terror and Death Proof. Coming September 2010.

I’m Here

4 05 2010

better late than never. imheremovie.com.