Hello. My name is Trav15 and I do a show TUESDAY NIGHTS 9pm to Midnight (HST) on The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s college radio station, KTUH. I play a mix of downtempo, abstract hip-hop, electronic, and dub, but i throw in a lot of different stuff I like. It can get random and I usually don’t follow any sort of set structure week to week. Sometimes I have guests like R.U.S. and Vivo doing some guest selecting so the vibes can vary. You can listen to the show on Hawaii’s Only Alternative, KTUH, on 90.3fm in Honolulu, 91.3fm on Oahu’s North Shore, and 89.9fm on Oahu’s Windward side. For Hawaii residents, you can also tune in on Oceanic TIme Warner Digital Cable channel 866. You can always listen on ktuh.org for our live webstream.I started doing Re-Percussions on Tuesday mornings at 3-6am in March of 2005. Then I moved to Midnight to 3am Tuesday mornings. Now I’ve found a home at 9pm to midnight Tuesday nights, a slot once occupied by Joan9’s abstractbeatworkshop and The Monster’s The Monster Show.

If you would like to contact me, my email is trav15@trav15.net.

My staples are:

  • AFX  TWN (Prichard D Jams)
  • Amon Adonai Santos de AraujoTobin (The Braziliannaire)
  • Bonobo (Mr. Green in the study with a bass and sp-1200)
  • μ-ziq (Mike P, Kid Spatula, Jake Slazenger, Tusken Raiders, Rude Ass Tinker, Frost Jockey)
  • Thomas Jenkinson (He who pushes squares)
  • BoC (The Super Sandison Bros.)
  • Autechre (ae=Brown and Booth)
  • Four Tet (Kieran Hebden x4)
  • early DJ Shadow
  • DJ Frane (Frane’s funktastic boatride beats to blaze to)
  • DJ Krush (Krush Kuts from the Motherland)


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