KTUH friends
KTUH Home Page
Decompression w/Alex
The Quest for Love & Peace w/bbq
Solid State Deluxe w/Cookiehead Jenkins
Fistful of Ganas w/Mano Lopez
Afrostylus w/Sifu “Jive” Walker
The GenuineHI Show w/Jizzake the Snizzzake
The Monster Show w/ The Monster
Something Blue w/Steve Stoddard


SIQ Records – Staplemouth, I Womb, Lions of Zion, DD, Brainstorming Weather, CryusFX, CreedChameleon and other Hawaii HipHop-ers – [balloonhead]

Rephlex – Richard D. James’s record label; AFX, Vibert, Bogdan, etc.

Warp Records – Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, BoC, etc.

Ninja Tune – Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Kid Koala, Coldcut, DJ Food, Strickly Kev, Funki Porcini, Vadim, Kentaro, Scruff, Hint, etc.

Daly City – Mochipet, Spaceheater, and friends!

Artist Sites

5th Platoon DJ Neil Armstrong, I.E.merge, Daddy Dog, etc.

Groundation – Official site for a great American deep roots reggae band. – Not an official site, but an interesting resource for Aphex info. I used to go to this site constantly in the computer lab in high school, then it disappeared and several years later has magically reappeared. How odd.


DiSaronno Blog – random greatness.

Video Sift – The genius behind the original U.K. tv show THE OFFICE. Sure, Steve Carrell is funny, but not quite as funny as Mr. David Brent. Now he has a show on HBO called Extras. Bloody hilarious. He’s sort of fused Flashdance and MC Hammer shit. – Online home of the great and sometimes free Vice Magazine. You may know them for their Do’s and Don’ts but there’s a lot of more.

the clown – Some info on the history of the Amen Break, one of the most sampled drum breaks. It’s an audio installation with a guy talking about the break, it’s history, and the copyright issues regarding it. The guy’s voice is a bit draining though

PBF Comics – Really funny three panel comic strips. I think Ross Jackson turned me on to this. Thanks, Fucko!

G.I. Joe Movies by Eric Fensler – Funny remixes of G.I. Joe bits. Sunshine da ya a tine fi di busridah. Porkchop sandwiches!


3 responses

10 09 2006

Damn playa. first time visiting you and your munchkin liking ass here on this. nice job. much love… was it the John Frusciante ‘murderers’ that changed my life? I cant remember… but i looked at your playlists… you missed a couple months though. ok. time to look this ISH up on the net. peace.

15 01 2007

Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! 67JEqFhm4M1

23 01 2007

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