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On the island of Oahu tune in to 90.3fm in town, 91.3fm on the North Shore, and 89.9fm on the Windward side. Oceanic Time Warner Digital Cable subscribers can listen on ch. 843, now at ch. 866

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10 09 2008

I hear this amazing song on tuesday night between 11:55 and midnight and didn’t know if you had record of what you played? It had a guy more talking than singing. Not sure how else to explain it, right after you played another song and mentioned who it was but not the previous group… blah, just hoping you’d know… worth a shot.

17 02 2009

I really enjoyed one of the sets you played (2/17/9)
Chill beats abstractly played. I came here to try and find it but cant so far Anyway you have a link I can download the sets you play?

25 03 2009 « Re-Percussions

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