Re-Percussions 11.11.2008

DJ Frane   “If I Had Wings”
El Michel’s Affair   “C.R.E.A.M.”
One Self     “Over Exposed”
Mujaji   “Simpre (Jon Kennedy mix)”
Novos Crioulos   “Mar Afunda (Bonobo mix)”
Minotaur Shock   “Moray Arrival”
Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo    “Stoarstruck”
Mr. Dibbs    “Bamboo”
Ras G    “Dwight’s Joint”
The Long Lost   “Woebegone (Flying Lotus King Cosby remix)”
Dust Brothers   “Psycho Boy Jack”
Le Feelings   “Day by Day”
Koushik   “Be With”
Mari Hamada with Autechre    “Aire”
Steve Reich   “Come Out”
Tortoise  “DJED (Bruise Blood mix by UNKLE)”
Flying Lotus   “The Black Fist [mixed by Flying Lotus]”
Atmosphere  “Sunshine”
Atmosphere  “Modern Man’s Hustle”
Atmosphere  “Between The Lines”
Atmosphere  “God’s Bathroom Floor (instrumental)”
Take  “Dreamsuite (instrumental)”
Prhizzim   “Aquatic”
UNKLE   “Portishead Plays UNKLE”
The Knife   “Lasagna”
KId Spatula   “Kid Spatulet”
Q-Tip   “Gettin’ Up”
Low Motion Disco   “Things Are Gonna Get Easier”
Aphex Twin   “Alberto Balsalm”
Squarepusher   “The Coathanger”
u-ziq  “Mushroom COmpost”
Flying Lotus    “Dancefloor Stalker”
Reefer   “Let It Go (Flying Lotus remix)”
Makestapes   “Close Your Eyes And Sleep”


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