Re-Percussions 11.17.2009

Mayer Hawthorne  “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”
Bobby Caldwell   “What You Won’t Do For Love”
Aretha Franklin   “One Step (Featurecast edit)”
Mos Def   “Ms Fat Booty (instrumental)”
Dynamics   “90% of Me Is You”
Taggy Matcher   “On & On”
Samiyam  “July”
Take  “In Every Way You Can”
Koushik  “Winter Sun”
Jon Kennedy   “Live Test”
Pepe California   “Guadalupe (Nobody remix)”
Blank Blue “Blank Blue (Flying Lotus remix)”
Jel   “John Brown’s Body Suit”
cLOUDED  “Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada remix)”
Portishead  “All Mine”
Afta-1   “The Time In Betwen”
El Perro Del Mar   “(At Your Best) You Are Love”
Mount Kimbie   “Fifty Mile View”
Mount Kimbie   “At Least”
Matt Kelly & P-Love  “Moon Fortress (In Your Mind)”
Kid Koala   “Emperor’s Main Course In Cantonese”
A-Trak  “Enter Ralph Wiggum”
E’s E  “Scratch Skank pt.1”
Mike Slott & Hud Mo  “Spotted”
Take   “All Around”
LL Cool J   “Going Back To Cali” – i think so…
Nosaj Thing   “FWD”
Luke Vibert   “Liptones”
Mono/Poly  “Distant Form”
Four Tet  “Ribbons”
Chris Clark    “Shonny”
Venetian Snares   “Horsey Vag Island”
Squarepusher   “Star Time 1”
Wisp  “Cultus Klatawa”
James Pants  “Thin Moon”     wooot!
Gonjasufi  “Candylane”
Gonjasufi  “Holidays”
Jogger   “Master & Servant”
Blockhead  “Attack The Doctor”
Four Tet   “Love Cry”
PANTyRAiD  “Floating (?)”
Brandy   “Sitting Up In My Room (Siik remix)”   thanks Ken

special thanks to bbq


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