Prefuse 73 & v8   “Transmito 73001”
Take    “L.A.T.”
Tale     “Outro”
Blockhead     “Helio Popartz”
u-ziq   “Mushroom Compost”
Rainstick Orchestra  “Waltz For A Little Bird”
mum   “don’t worry…….”
One Self   “Bluebird”
Os Novos Crioulos   “Mar Afunda (Bonobo remix)”
Mr. Scruff   “Bang The Floor”
Mr. Oizo    “Monday Massacre”
Michna   “Raw Paw”
Coldcut   “Timber”
Plaid   “diddymousedid”
Nautilis   “Dyslexik”
Bjork  “Possibly Maybe”
Squarepusher   “Tommib Help Bus”
Caural   “Mint & A Hospital Watercolor”
Two Lone Swordsmen   “Spine Bubbles (Ellis Island Sound remix)”
Minotaur Shock   “Six Foolish Fishermen”
Air  “Remember”
Four Tet   “High Fives”
Cure For The Porcelain”
PLaid  “Manyme”
Alexkid  “Mint”
Boozoo Bajou  “Moanin'”
Aphex Twin “The Cure A Weakling Child, Contour Regard”
Daedelus   “My Beau”
Blockhead   “Trailer Love”
Take  “Next (the remix)”
Red Snapper   “Mountains & Valleys”
Chris Clark    “Wolf”
Aphex Twin   “MIlkman”
Take   “What Else? (additional scratches by DJ Packo)”
Take   “L.A.T. (12″ mix)”
Pilote    “Turtle (Bonobo remix)”


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