Re-Percussions 11.14.2006

A-Trak “Knuckleheads”
Nostalgia 77 “green blades of grass”
Hot Chip “The Warning”
Massive Attack “Protection”‘
The Herbaliser “Sensual Woman”

[Special Guest Margo from IHS]
Some South African Hip-Hop
Zola, Mandoza, etc.
[/Special Guest Margo from IHS]

Bonobo “Magicman”
Bonobo “Behind The Light”
Honeycut “The Day I Turned To Glass”
Hot Chip “Sexual Healing”
Fat Jon & Styrofoam “upgrade”
Squarepusher “Hellow Meow”
Aphex Twin “Fingerbib”
Vitalsee “Rush”
Echo & The Bunnymen “The Killing Moon”
Peaches “Shake Yer Dix” for the Monster
Peaches “I Don’t Give A Fuck!” my personal theme song
Kid Koala “Side A from Your Mom’s Favorite DJ”
Amon Tobin “Nova”
Velvet Underground “Venus In Furs (Amon Tobin mix)”
Skalpel “Sculpture”
The Dining Rooms “Cosi Ti Amo (Four Tet remix)”
Kid Koala “excerpt from Side B of Your Mom’s Favorite DJ”
Tommy Guerrero “1966”
-whew, the end of 6 hours! thanks for listening!-


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